Our shows

The Super American Circus


After having sold-out performances on their inaugural tour of Hawaii, the Super American Circus has performed in the US mainland cities of Tampa and Kissimmee, Florida.

Featuring some of the world’s most dynamic Circus Superstars! It is 90 minutes of pure energy and excitement.

The Moscow International Circus


​Ringling Brothers meet Cirque De Soleil. The Moscow International Circus is a mixture of traditional grand circus & modern day cirque. Known throughout the world as 'The Greatest Performers on the Planet.' This incredible production has awe inspiring performances that children of all ages will love to enjoy. 'People entertaining People' is the motto of this modern-day spectacular; with an all human cast. You will remember it for the rest of your life!

Cirque Polynesia


A masterful blend of contemporary entertainment artistry & unparalleled human ability; inspired by the people & cultures of the South Pacific. Tells the tale of two worlds coming together, set amongst the village of Polynesia on a stormy, tropical night. Celebrating a bountiful harvest with a Paina celebration of songs and dance. The mesmerizing beat of the warrior's drum and the aloha spirit in their voices drift like smoke into the night sky; enticing the people to join them at their fires for an affair that changes their lives forever.

Cirque Risque


The infamous Cirque Risque is a sizzling hot exhibit of raw sensuality and unparalleled multi-talented artistry drawing audiences from around the world. Prepare for an overload of senses as Cirque Risque takes you to the outer limits of burlesque! Indulge in your wildest fantasies with exotic contortionists, superior pole dancers, and aerial ballerinas wrapped in nothing but translucent silks.

The Great American Circus


The Great American Circus captures the best of the modern day circus, bundling acrobatic skills, human athleticism & humor (without animals) suited for the entire family. This show features performances that include; classic flying trapeze, clown duo jugglers, breathtaking aerial ballet, countless whirling hoops, masterful magic tricks that will deceive the eyes, dare devil & harrowing death defying acts!

Aloha Live


With over 34 performers, choreographers, directors, producers and a technical staff. Formerly with some of the most well-known productions on the planet; including Cirque De Soleil, Ringling Brothers Circus, the Moscow State Circus, Clyde Beatty, Cole Brothers Circus and many others. Originally produced for Hawaii; now as a traveling production entertaining audiences throughout the world. This is a unique & highly entertaining show.


​​International All-Star Circus

The International All-Star Circus includes professionals from Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, The US & Germany; including (2) sixth & seventh-generation members of the world famous Flying Wallendas family. Acts in the shows will include aerial acrobatics tricks and stunts, gravity defying hand balance & tumbling, clowns, illusionary magic tricks, high wire, skip rope, unicycle tricks & more!